Slime Xl For Slimming
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Slim XL Capsules - Hashmi Herbals Hashmi Slim-XL is a natural weight loss supplement which helps in burning body fat in a natural manner. It improves digestion and increases metabolic rate which further prevent weight gain. It naturally helps in controlling appetite without making you feel weak. It boosts energy levels and helps in burning fat from the body.

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YUDA Hair Growth Spray is formulated with active ingredients of purely natural Chinese herbs under high-technical bioengineering, it is mainly used for hair loss control, hair growth promotion, hair growth cell cultivating and follicle environment improving. It is mild, safe and free of any toxicity and skin sting. Specification 60ml Dosage Keep your hair and scalp dry before use. Twice a day, 1ml/time (spray only 4-5 times). Apply on the surface of bald scalp. Use it it continuously. Storage Keep in cool and airproof condition. Ingredients Ginseng Extract, Chinese Angelica Extract, Polygonum Multiflorum Extract, Pyridoxine HCL, Purified Water Blocks male hormone DHT formation, reducing hair loss Vital bio-nutrients nourish scalp, revitalizing hair follicles Stimulates the proliferation of hair matrix cell, promoting hair growth Promotes micro-circulation for scalp vitality and healthy hair growth Antioxidant rich to reduce oxidative stress on hair cells Anti-inflammatory effects to reduce itch and dandruff Inhibits the secretion of excess sebum, preventing oily scalp and hair and unpleasant odour Non-drying, retains hair moisture Promotes stronger, thicker and fuller hair
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